working together 2014 - Telethon kids institute

Working Together: 2nd Edition is an information source for health professionals and students addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and wellbeing principles and practice. Commissioned by the the Telethon Kids Institute and the Centre for Research Excellence in Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing, it is a document of great scope and reach, with multiple editors and contributors. Easton States was brought in to edit and proofread.

The Aborigines Act 1905 has special connotations today because of its gross erosion of rights, resulting in forcible removal of children and internment of Aboriginal people in bleak reserves, to live in servitude and despair.

Chapter One - The social, cultural and historical context of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

Kate Ben Tovim - Arts producer - Reports/Tenders/Grants

Easton States has worked with the acclaimed arts producer Kate Ben Tovim since 2013. Projects include the researching, writing and editing of a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade commissioned Cultural Diplomacy Case Study: Oz Fest India Report. We recently teamed up to deliver a large and successful tender document for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2015 South Pacific games in Port Moresby.

This young, tech-savvy Indian market also happens to be the world’s largest legal downloader of digital music(4), and in 2012 accounted for 40% of the global share of Internet purchased CDs.(5) In short: the kids are connected and have a massive appetite for new cultural content.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade commissioned Cultural Diplomacy Case Study: Oz Fest India Case Study & Report

White Horses Magazine

Richard Easton writes for acclaimed Australian surfing magazine, White Horses (Morrison Media).

In the morning dark, on the adjoining hill of Melbourne’s Merri Creek valley, a squealing council rubbish truck is banging and belting the crap out of plastic bins. The battered metal beast, uncomfortably dressed in orange flashing lights, is lurching and skidding in a mad dance of something that looks like indecisiveness, but is very much not.

Article: Dark Materials (Issue 9: Winter 2014)

Grant writing

Easton States offers grant writing assistance specialising in the arts sector.

In 2013 I worked with leading arts organisations FOUR WINDS FESTIVAL and LAKE BOLAC FESTIVAL to deliver successful Australia Council and Festivals Australia project grants for 2014. In May 2014 I had the pleasure of working with talented Irish/Australian writer John Connell on a submission for his second novel.




Four Winds is a biennial festival of classic, cultural and world music.

THE SHADOW ELECTRIC film program 2012/13

The Shadow Electric film program was created as an antidote to the oversupply of festival and cinema guides that read like cut and pasted press releases. Working with local designers C.C.&Co. we created a magazine-style format that could survive the summer on a share house coffee table, amongst other locations.

This bona fide Australian classic depicts the downward spiral of a young schoolteacher, marooned in an outback town hell bent on drinking and sinking into oblivion.


TOURISM TOP END Drive Guide 2013

A One and Eight managed project, this job followed a request by Tourism Northern Territory to update an annual driving guide produced by Tourism Top End, an arm of the NT government. It features some of Australia’s most remote and stunning off-road tracks.