Driza-bone clothing range 2015

Working with the down-to-earth team at Driza-Bone to develop a voice that sits well with the quality, heritage and experience of this iconic Australian-owned company. A bonus to be sharing ideas and campaign approach with the talented Skeleton Gamblers unit. Work includes online copy, marketing material and eDMs.

Inhabit the jacket. You’ll only need one.

Part 1: The jacket

open city stories asylum seeker project 2014

Open City Stories is an online storytelling project 12 months in the making, in partnership with writer Rajith Savanadasa. It is an initiative of the Darebin Ethnic Communities Council and the City of Darebin and seeks to give voice to Australia’s marginalised asylum seeker community. Easton States started work on Open City Stories last year and will coordinate this ongoing project, overseeing the writing (Rajith Savanadasa), design (CC&Co), web development (Twin Brother), and social media (Larissa Ocampo).

They told me I have to change many parts. Because many, many parts have contradiction with Islam rules and something like that. I didn’t accept that. I said, ‘I translate the book from English to Persian and nothing else.’ – Sara

Riot Grrrl - the story of Sara

The Shadow Electric 2014

Another great season of films and music at The Shadow Electric open-air cinema, bar and bandroom. This years brief included in-house ads throughout the website, giving the audience an insight into the whole TSE experience. Easton States also provided Facebook and Twitter copy.

In 1973, when Motown was the sound, three black brothers found rock’n’roll. Before The Ramones, before The Sex Pistols, before punk was punk, there was a band called Death – and then they were gone.

extract from 'A Band Called Death'

Tourism Northern Territory - One & Eight

A large online project delivered by One and Eight that included detailed research and writing that reflected the dynamic regions of the Northern Territory. Easton States provided research, copywriting and content management.

Picture yourself riding a quad bike into the chasms of the mighty West MacDonnell Ranges, travelling over sand dunes on the back of a camel, or taking a four-wheel-drive out into the vast Simpson Desert. This is frontier adventure at its very best.

alice springs adventure travel page

The Shadow Electric 2013

The copy for The Shadow Electric open-air cinema in Abbotsford reflects an organisation that knows its film, is committed to opening the eyes and minds of the average cinema goer, and is not afraid to provide pure entertainment.

This is how the past saw the future. Twenty-five years on, it’s time to decide if they got it right.

Revisit the dark humour, violent thugs and apocalyptic landscapes of a film that put the post-modern blowtorch to American society.

extract from 'Robocop'

Tourism Victoria - One & Eight

Easton States provides online copywriting for content managers One and Eight (Tourism Victoria).


Home to sheltered bays, a broad inlet and stunningly rugged coastlines, it’s no wonder Phillip Island caters for the best of water sports.

phillip island water sports page

Sea Stoke online magazine

Richard Easton is a regular contributor to new Australian magazine and blog, Sea Stoke. The site is a digital rock pool of photos and stories about the sea.

‘Yeah I’m okay’, I motioned back, what the hell, I’m only breathing underwater for the first time in my life, sounding a lot like Darth Vader and now my instructor is heading ashore.

Article: Diving for something in Amed